Azar Pixel was founded in February of 2018 with the goal of providing best-in-class LED module repair, service and support

Azar Pixel is your very own LED module repair and Service Expert! We will repair your equipment all the way down to the pixel and component level.

We are a domestic (United States) company centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We can fix your displays without the high cost of shipping, the tariffs and the long turnaround times associated with an overseas LED module repair.

Azar Pixel is also your LED Digital Display Design Experts. Our engineers can design an LED Digital Display to meet your exacting specifications. If you can dream it, Azar Pixel can engineer and design it for you. Once we realize your dream design, we can also install and support your creation.

Azar Pixel is also your trusted LED pixel repair partner for valuable audio-video equipment, stage lighting and commercial cameras. When you consider the investment you have in your audio/visual equipment, you might agree that it is a sizeable one, indeed. You know that replacing any part of your a/v equipment is quite expensive. That’s why at Azar Pixel, we are fond of telling our clients,


Repairing your costly audio/video equipment is much less expensive than replacing it! Azar Pixel’s LED pixel repair actually leaves you’re a/v equipment in BETTER-than-new condition! Azar Pixel uses only state-of-the-art tools & equipment, best-in-class repair materials, and the most highly trained electrical technicians to bring your audio/video equipment back to 100% operability!

Azar Pixel is a domestic (US) company. Our Dallas/Ft. Worth headquarters and LED module repair facility is centrally located in the United States. To our clients, this means that their valuable equipment travels fewer miles to get to us than to the overseas OEMs. Fewer miles translate into less chance of damage, lower shipping costs, and no tariffs.

So, the next time you have issues with an audio board, a stage light, a commercial camera, a projector, or an LED controller, don’t hesitate to give Azar Pixel a call! We would welcome the privilege of serving you. And remember… 


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Azar Pixel is your one-stop LED source in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in Texas and in the entire United States!
When you think of LED Module Repair, think of Azar Pixel… Your LED Experts!
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Our Azar Pixel LED Products are all designed and assembled in the USA.
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We do LED module repairs for a wide range of various manufacturers around the word.

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