4 Ways to Maintain and Repair Your Stage Lighting Equipment

Shakespeare once wrote, “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” If that’s the case — and our team of AZARMEN at Azar Pixel certainly believes it is — then why settle for any-thing less than the best and brightest stage lighting possible? After all, everyone deserves their time in the spotlight, and while you likely spared no expense for high-quality stage lighting equipment, the day will come when all those bright lights will start to dull, sputter out, and not look their best.

Never Replace When You Can Repair!

This is why maintaining and repairing your stage lighting equipment is a critical step in this production we call life. That might sound complicated and even difficult, but it is essential to getting the maximum life out of your valuable equipment. If you don’t have the knowledge, ability, or time, you can trust the capable folks at Azar Pixel to keep the lights on for years to come.

Are you experiencing these and other stage lighting equipment issues?

•   A dull or faded look (loss of brightness)
•   Insufficient light or uneven distribution of light
•   Burned out lights
•   Too much light for what you need
•   Improper contrast
•   Loose or corroded electrical connections
•   Dirty or scratched lenses
•   Jammed or damaged color wheels
•   Malfunctioning dimmer packs

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Never Replace When You Can Repair!

We always say the line, “never replace when you can repair” because it is 1,000% true. So many people who call us for their audio, video, and stage lighting needs are at their wit’s end and genuinely believe the next step is to spend more than their budget allows to replace everything and start anew. But this is a huge mistake — not only from a money perspective but also time! Just think of how many hours it took to get your stage lighting equipment hooked up and positioned appropriately.

More often than not, repairing stage lighting equipment is possible simply by cleaning the equipment and troubleshooting and fixing issues with electrical connections, lenses, bulbs, and other components. While it is possible to take on some of these tasks yourself, having a qualified technician with experience in stage lighting repair is generally recommended.

Here’s what an AZARMAN can do for you right now:

Basic Cleaning — Theaters, production studios, and other high-dollar venues are not immune to dust and debris. As a result, your stage lighting equipment will need to be cleaned periodically. This includes dusting down the outside of the lamps and any openings and cooling vents around the lights. We can also remove the light from the casing to clean the lens from both sides and vacuum out any accumulated dust inside the casing.

Checking for Burned-Out Bulbs — Bulbs always burn out, even in the most sophisticated equip-ment. This common issue can be easily fixed by replacing the bulb with a new one.

Tightening Any Loose Connections — Behind all those bright lights and casings are electrical connections that, over time, can become corroded or loose. This is likely why you notice that the lights are flickering or not working. Azar Pixel is trained to identify loose or damaged electrical connections and fix them in a jiffy.

Replacing Color Wheels and Dimmer Lights — Rather than replace everything, a smaller com-ponent replacement will do the trick. Perfect examples are color wheels and dimmer lights, which can become jammed or damaged over time and directly impact the color and intensity of light. We replace these components without having to go through an expensive full-scope replacement.

If you carry out these simple repair and maintenance steps regularly, you’ll find that your older stage lighting equipment works better than anything new and fancy on the market today. Your lights will be bright again, and your shows and events will dazzle onlookers near and far. You’ll be the envy of the stage lighting world, which is a great feeling overall.

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Never Replace When You Can Repair! Call Azar Pixel Today

Azar Pixel is your one-stop LED digital display expert in Texas, Las Vegas, and the United States! Do we need to replace a few worn-out pixels on that giant stadium video board? We can help! Do you need to repair, maintain, or replace stage lighting equipment for your next concert, or are you suddenly missing an important power cord? Our Azar Pixel LED products are all designed with your needs in mind and assembled in the USA.

When you think of LED digital displays and other stage equipment, think of Azar Pixel. And then pick up the phone and give us a call!

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