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Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?

Azar Pixel was founded in February of 2018 with the goal of providing best-in-class audio and video electronic repair, service and support

Azar Pixel is LED module repair and Service Expert! We will repair all your A/V equipment all the way down to the pixel and component level.  We are a domestic (United States) company head quarter in the Dallas/Texas . We can fix your LED displays, Stage lights, amplifiers, DMX lights and all event Audio video equipment like LED Video Wall.  Azar Pixel is working with major brands like Absen, Roe, Digiled, Dicolor, Glowshine, Martin, Elation and many others.

The Azar Pixel story began in early 2018 in the garage of one of our founders and has come to exemplify the pursuit of the American Dream! Simply put, the founders saw a need to offer clients capable domestic LED module repair and service, set out to find a solution to that need.  The eventual success of Azar Pixel is a direct result of that character, capability, and determination.

Stage Lighting Design


Ramin Belivan holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Electronics. Javad Shaeri is an Electrical Engineer, with his Bachelor studies focusing on Telecommunications. Both are well-educated and have over 10 years of experience in the electrical engineering space.

Having been in the Events and Signage industries for much of their respective careers, they saw first-hand the limited ability of most LED module repair centers. Because the overwhelming majority of led module repair work was shipped overseas, the existing LED module repair process was slow, expensive, and inconsistent. They would often get inventory back after many long months, only to have problems resurface within days. After getting home from their day jobs, Ramin and Javad worked tirelessly into the night, developing a repair process for LED modules superior to anything else in the market. Their hard work paid off!


Their innovative process of LED module repair has eliminated the costly process of sending LED modules overseas for repair and reduced the turnaround time for LED module repairs to a fraction of what it was with the overseas repair.

This, combined with Azar Pixel’s commitment to customer care and attention to detail, has put an end to the high costs and long turnarounds associated with overseas LED Module repair.

Azar Pixel is now the largest third-party LED Module Repair Center in the USA, quickly becoming a trusted partner for many industry leaders.

Azar Pixel has since taken the next logical step in its growth as a premier provider of LED expertise. They have begun manufacturing, selling, and renting their own Azar Pixel brand LED panels and equipment across the globe.

Azar Pixel’s mission remains to produce best-in-class product, service, and support in the LED space. Request a demonstration today to experience for yourself the Azar Pixel difference. You will understand the power of LED digital display and the quick, easy, and intuitive user-interface provided by Azar Pixel’s innovative design.

Ramin and Javad have come a long way from those nights in their garage — and the industry is glad they did!

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