Audio-Video Repair Case Study

Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?

Explore our audio-video repair case studies to witness firsthand how our expert technicians diagnose and resolve a range of equipment issues. From intricate circuitry to complex software glitches, delve into real-world examples showcasing our commitment to restoring your devices to optimal performance. Discover the solutions we’ve provided to clients, and gain insight into our meticulous repair processes that ensure your audio-video equipment operates seamlessly once again.

QSC PLX3601 Amplifier Repair

Custom AV Equipment repaired By Azar Pixel

Black Magic studio 4k repaired by Azar Pixel

T8 Repaired by Azar Pixel, dB Technologies, Digital vertical array

Speaker timer Repair – OnCue staging 4

soundcraft MPMI 12ch- Freeman 6

Repair Audio Amp in Azar Pixel

X32 Audio Mixer Repaired by Azar Pixel

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