6 Must-Haves to Meet Your AV Equipment Power Supply Needs

You’ve wasted little time ensuring you and your team have the best audio-video equipment money can buy. We’re talking about all the good stuff, too — stage lighting, vibrant LED digital displays, projectors, speakers, amplifiers — the works! Now all you need is a stable and reliable power source to make it all go. But you aren’t quite sure where to start. Read on and discover the 6 Must-Haves to meet your AV Equipment Power Supply needs!

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Don’t worry; your friendly neighborhood Azarmen understand your concerns, and we’re here to help! After all, a high-quality power supply keeps everything working as it should and prevents electrical issues that damage equipment or cause interruptions during a performance.

Just think of all the potential mishaps that come with relying on an inadequate Power Supply:

  • Stage lights flickering or dimming
  • AV equipment not turning on when it’s showtime
  • Sound issues (static, low volume, saturation, interference, noise distortion, etc.)
  • Inability to meet fluctuating energy demands
  • Safety hazards (power surges, fire, smoke, etc.)

When determining your AV Equipment Power Supply needs, there are a few simple parameters to remember. We’ve listed  6 “Must-Haves” to meet your AV Equipment power supply needs below so that you always have the best Power Supply for your unique needs.

6 Essential Items for Fulfilling Your AV Equipment Power Requirements

Power Output

Check the wattage and amperage rating for your lights and other AV Equipment and choose a Power Supply that can handle that load. Settling for a Power Supply that can’t quite keep up with your equipment’s needs or is too “hot” for your equipment is only asking for trouble when it comes time to turn everything on.

Voltage Regulation

The Power Supply you choose must deliver a consistent voltage output, even under varying loads. This helps avoid common pitfalls such as voltage spikes, ripples, and drops — all of which can damage your AV Equipment.

Noise and Ripple

To piggyback off the previous “Must-Have”, look for an AV Equipment Power Supply with noise and ripple levels well below the threshold of human perception. As previously stated, poor noise and ripple levels lead to interference with Audio Equipment and other electronics.


A more efficient Power Supply wastes less energy and generates less heat. This prolongs the life of the Power Supply and reduces overall cooling costs.

Safety Features

Quality AV Equipment Power Supply has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection to prevent damage that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars


You will be better off with a Power Supply that is well-built and designed for the demands of the stage environment. Look for features such as rugged enclosures, high-quality connectors, and thermal protection. These ensure the power supply can withstand the rigors of frequent use and transport.

AV Equipment Power Supplies

How Can Azar Pixel Help?

Our Team of Azarmen loves working hand-in-hand with our clients to find the best AV Equipment Power Supply possible. The Azarmen are quite familiar with the 6 “Must-Haves” to meet your AV Equipment power supply needs! And when there are issues such as malfunctioning parts and other repair needs, we can just as easily fix them!

Before repairing anything, it’s important to first diagnose the problem accurately with test equipment that finds the root cause. The Azarmen only use high-quality replacement components designed to handle the demands of the application. You should never use low-quality or incompatible components in your valuable AV Equipment, as they may fail prematurely or cause other issues. Once we’ve determined the root cause and found the right parts, proper repair equipment and techniques along with most capable technicians will ensure a long and productive life for your valuable AV Equipment.

Never Replace When You Can Repair!

Azar Pixel is your one-stop LED digital display, stage light, and AV Equipment repair expert in Texas, Las Vegas, and the rest of the United States!

Do you need to replace a few worn-out pixels on that giant stadium video board? The Azarmen can help! Do you need to repair, maintain, or replace stage lighting equipment for your next concert or event, or are you suddenly missing an important cable?

When you think of LED digital displays, stage lights, Power Supplies, and other AV Equipment, think of Azar Pixel. And then pick up the phone and give us a call!


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