Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?

We have now opened an Azar Pixel Las Vegas Branch to serve our clients in the Entertainment Capital of The World! Not only that, but we can also offer our un-matched service and repair capabilities to the whole Southwest, as well as the West Coast. With the new location, we can offer quality service with quicker turnarounds and more economical shipping costs! Just imagine, if you want to refresh your module fleet before your Las Vegas show, ship to our Vegas facility and your modules will be waiting for you when you get there! Not to mention having the AZARMEN right down the street from you for support! You can reach the Las Vegas facility using our same phone number, 214-707-0801 or email us at Also, don’t forget to check out our website at!

Benefits of a Second Azar Pixel Location in Las Vegas

While we love calling DFW home and will do so for as long as you have us, everyone knows we’re PIXEL HUGGERS! And where can you find bright lights 24/7, some of the largest LED video displays in the world, larger-than-life entertainment options, glitz, glamor, and all the pixels you can ask for? That’s right … Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also more than The Strip, endless gambling, posh and extravagant hotels, Penn and Teller’s magic show, Vegas showgirls, and the high-flying acts of Cirque du Soleil. It’s a destination spot for entertainment, events, conventions, and trade shows.

It’s a full calendar, and many production companies we work with have clients who routinely visit Vegas for work. By having a second Azar Pixel location close by, our current and future clients have access to the following:

  • Local Azarmen who can keep their equipment and inventory in tip-top shape
  • Repairs for all their needs (LED video displays, stage lighting, cameras, audio-video, etc.)
  • Best-in-class on-site repair and support
  • More affordable shipping costs and turnaround times
  • Replacement parts in a pinch (power cords, connectors, cables, etc.)
  • And so much more …

We held the soft launch for our second Azar Pixel location in December before going live in January. And our Azarmen couldn’t be more excited. Not only does having a second Azar Pixel location in Las Vegas make sense for our clients in The City of Lights, but it also helps us cover our friends and loyal clients on the West Coast (hello, Los Angeles) more efficiently.

Drop us a line! We will answer you within 24 hours!