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You may have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words! At Azar Pixel, we believe this to be true. Especially when it comes to OUR WORK!

We are very proud of the service and repairs we do for our clients, and, truth be told, we don’t mind telling you about it. But even better than telling you about the job we do, we like SHOWING you the job we do. Scroll down and see some BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS OF AZAR PIXEL REPAIRS.

The same quality repairs are only a phone call away! Give us a call today. You can trust Azar Pixel take good care of your valuable equipment.  




Azar Pixel is an expert at restoring those high-value OUTDOOR modules. Our processes and materials are second to none when it comes to restoring your damaged OUTDOOR LED modules to better-than-new condition. Highest quality sealants and expert workmanship guarantee that you can trust your OUTDOOR modules to Azar Pixel.


Before After Photo LED pixel Repair


Physical damage is no problem for Azar Pixel. We will repair or replace all components, all printed circuit board (PCB) damage, and even those badly damaged connectors (above). Give Azar Pixel a try today. We LOVE a challenge!


Before-After Photos


When we say that we leave your valuable equipment in better-than-new condition, we aren’t exaggerating. The reason is that not only are skillful human hands working on your equipment, but Azar Pixel’s repair materials (flux, solder, silicone, clear lacquer sealant, etc.) are far superior than those used by the original manufacturer.


Before-After Photos



One of the reasons your Azar Pixel Repair leaves your modules in better-than-new condition is our Azar Pixel GoldFlex flexible PCB. In most cases, GoldFlex eliminates the need for “hot-wiring” pixels together! See the close-up comparisons above.





Azar Pixel can help clean up mistakes from the past. Unqualified vendors often times unintentionally do more harm than good to a valuable LED video wall. Azar Pixel can often come in and correct errors and return your video wall to 100% operability. And, if necessary, we can even make repairs on-site!




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