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.9 Module Repair

Fine Pitch LED Repair

Our technicians at AzarPixel specialize in detailed LED repair that requires a difficulty level of 0.8 or above. LED module...
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LED Repair

LED Module Repair Center- Absen

AzarPixel is known for its service and experience with all LED module repairs. Absen LED module repair is one of...
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LED Module Repair

The Future of Customer Service: A/V Repair Portals

The way AzarPixel handles the needs of the customer, and the scalability of the business has evolved. Handling the fast-paced...
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Audio Equipment Repair


As we sat down to write this blog post about LED pixel repair in a pinch and who you can...
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Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Displays vs. Indoor LED Displays

We need to say right off the bat that this article is NOT us suggesting that Outdoor LED Displays are...
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Stage Lighting Repair

Trust Your OUTDOOR Modules to No One But AZAR PIXEL

You can’t go far in the city these days without seeing your fair share of breathtakingly picture-perfect LED outdoor displays....
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Stage Lights 101

Stage Light 101: Fresnels, PAR Cans, and Ellipsoidals, Oh My!

As a veteran in the stage lighting world, we understand how important it is to get your hands on quality...
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Above Average Content

Don’t Settle for Average Content On Your Direct-View LED Video Wall

You wouldn’t buy a tricked-out, 4-wheel-drive truck with all the bells and whistles for off-roading just to drive it to...
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Azar Pixel Stage Light Repair

Inside the Mind of a Stage Lighting Director

When you’re sitting in the audience watching a show, the hope is that you’ll be sucked into the amazing storytelling...
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Audio Repair Service

5 Advantages of an Extended Warranty from Azar Pixel

As the proud owner of a new LED digital display, you expect such a big-ticket item to work right out...
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Contrast-The Secret To A Magnificent LED Display

Contrast: The Secret to a Magnificent Display

When it comes to picture quality, what do you think is the first thing you need to tweak to ensure...
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Power Supply

6 Must-Haves to Meet Your AV Equipment Power Supply Needs

You’ve wasted little time ensuring you and your team have the best audio-video equipment money can buy. We’re talking about...
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