Contrast: The Secret to a Magnificent Display

When it comes to picture quality, what do you think is the first thing you need to tweak to ensure a magnificent LED digital display? Most people might say color, and they’re not entirely wrong. After all, even the most subtle changes in a color scheme or screen brightness levels can really improve the aesthetics of what your audience is viewing — whether it’s marketing copy on a digital sign on the highway, a video board at an NFL stadium, or a video wall. But as it turns out, screen contrast is far more important when it comes to getting your content noticed, watched, and remembered for its “WOW” factor.

Whether you’re working with LEDs, plasma displays, LCDs, or the super-popular direct-view LED, they all must have the right screen contrast settings to display the sharpest, most brilliant image possible. Doing so ensures the following:

  • Brilliant, sharper images
  • Enhanced color accuracy for natural, lifelike, and vivid colors
  • Message and images are readable and distinguishable at all distances and angles — for example, if you’ve got somebody wearing a blue shirt against a sky background that’s a slightly different shade of blue, your contrast ratio will set those two apart.
  • Ability to recall content faster
  • Seamless appearance

Contrast: The Secret To A Magnificent Display

Contrast — the Missing Link Your Digital Display Needs More Of!

Without getting too technical, contrast is essentially the maximum difference in intensity between the lightest light and darkest dark in an image. It is often expressed as a ratio of X:1, so the higher the system’s contrast ratio, the more likely you’re going to have a screen that displays a wider range of tones. As a result, the images will be more vibrant and easier to see — even when viewed in rooms or environments with less-than-ideal lighting conditions (i.e., conference rooms, living rooms, etc.).

Generally speaking, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 is acceptable for most digital displays. However, it’s important that you experiment with different contrast levels to find what works best for your particular environment. For example:

  • Ambient light can impact the brilliance of an LCD screen and, even to some degree, a direct view LED display.
  • On an LCD or TV screen, a layer of glass between the pixels and your eyes can diminish your bright colors. Thus, the contrast can also be inconsistent due to the reflections on the glass. On a direct view LED display, the glass is not an issue.
  • For projector screens, brights aren’t as bright because the light source has to first pierce a slide or film, then penetrate at least one glass lens before being reflected off the screen — all before hitting your eyes. The contrast for a projector screen is also dependent on the ambient darkness of the screen. So, in a brighter room, your “blacks” can actually appear as a darker gray.
  • Contrast ratios can diminish as the display ages and gathers dust particles. It loses the ability to project the same amount of light as when it was new and clean.

Contrast: The Secret To A Magnificent LED Display

Direct-View LED and Contrast — a Perfect Marriage

Nothing against the litany of options our clients have for digital displays (LCD, LED, OLED, plasma, etc.), but our opinion is that the best technology available today for achieving maximum screen contrast is direct-view LED.

Why? We’re glad you asked!

Remember the importance of brilliant contrast… Contrast: The Secret of a Magnificent Display!  Direct-view LED displays feature incredible contrast, vibrant colors, and improved brightness levels several times that of LCDs. This is because they’ve eliminated the LCD glass panel in favor of a surface array of LED pixels. There is nothing between the brilliant light of the pixels and your eyes! They also have a bezel-free design for seamlessly magnificent video wall. As a result, direct-view LED can be made virtually any size and are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you’d like to read more about direct-view LEDs, click here.

Contrast is The Key To A Great LED Display

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