Don’t Settle for Average Content On Your Direct-View LED Video Wall

You wouldn’t buy a tricked-out, 4-wheel-drive truck with all the bells and whistles for off-roading just to drive it to and from the kids’ school. You certainly wouldn’t buy the latest and greatest iPhone and only use it to text your baby brother, and it would be sacrilegious to build a custom brick, wood-fired BBQ grill and only use it when the kids want hot dogs. These things were built to do SO much more than those menial tasks. So why be content with loading average content on your direct-view LED (dv LED) video wall?

You may think we’re being dramatic from a technical standpoint. But it really is a travesty to see people buy an expensive piece of equipment and barely scratch the surface in terms of what it can do.

A dv LED wall is no different. We see it all the time when potential clients invest gobs of money into a direct-view LED video wall that literally sets up the venue for displaying the brightest, sharpest, and most dynamic images you’ve ever seen — and all they use it for is to display static, grainy, and super-old low-resolution slides or videos.

For goodness sake… use that dv LED video wall the way it is intended to be used!!!

Let it spread its pixel wings and FLY!  Let it show you what it can really do!!!

Above Average Content

What Is Direct-View LED?

Nothing against the litany of options our clients have for digital displays (LCD, LED, OLED, plasma, etc.), but our opinion is that the best technology available today for achieving a life-like display is dv LED.

Why? We’re glad you asked!

Dv LED video wall displays feature incredible contrast, vibrant colors, and improved brightness levels several times that of LCDs. This is because they’ve eliminated the LCD panel for a surface array of LEDs as the actual display pixels. They also have a bezel-free design for seamless video wall usage. As a result, direct-view LED can be made virtually any size and are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications such as concerts, sporting events, and even massive presentations.

If you’d like to read more about direct-view LEDs, click here.

The bottom line is that people don’t buy a dv LED wall unless they want to showcase dv LED content in the most vibrant and transformative way possible. They want to show their audience something, and they want to evoke emotion.

They want to get a message across. They want to deliver at a level no one has ever seen before.

Dv LED does all that and more, so let’s start creating content!

Above Average Content

Creating Content That Works With Your dv LED

There are many factors to consider once you have your dv LED display and are ready to start creating content. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way from some of our most forward-thinking clients.

  • Avoid basic stuff that doesn’t pop (pic art, text-only, low-res slides)
  • Use content with vivid colors and excellent contrasts
  • Use movement and interesting transitions (dissolve fades, animations, motion graphics, etc.)
  • Keep the content dark but colorful
  • Avoid cropping
  • Focus on clear, concise messaging
  • Don’t overlook the importance of contrast and screen resolution to improve readability from every angle
  • Pay attention to pixel pitch. If the audience is far away, you want oversized imagery. If they’re far away, use smaller content

Never Replace When You Can Repair!

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