Fine Pitch LED Repair

Our technicians at AzarPixel specialize in detailed LED repair that requires a difficulty level of 0.8 or above. LED module pixels are getting smaller, and AzarPixel is ready for the challenge. We keep up to date with the most advanced technological advances. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment can even handle the most complicated LED pixel repairs.

AzarPixel’s expert service team fully understands the complexities of today’s LED digital sign technology and is ready to undertake detailed LED Wall Repairs.  When undertaking complex repairs, we use a special gold PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which has excellent conductivity and resists corrosion.

At AzarPixel, we understand and prioritize precision, a delicate touch needed when repairing fine pixels on LED display screen panels. For example Fine-pitch LED module repair is essential in the case of fine-pixel repairs, where even the slightest misalignment can lead to noticeable display issues.

Besides our excellent repair work, Azarpixel stresses customer service. Our customer portal ensures that our customers are fully informed. AzarPixel’s technical expertise and customer focus make us an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable video wall repair partner.

AzarPixel is your one-stop LED digital display expert in Texas, Las Vegas, and the whole United States! Do you need to replace a few worn-out modules on that giant stadium video board? We can help! Do you need to repair, maintain, or replace stage lighting equipment for your next concert or trade show booth, or are you suddenly missing some important power or data cords? We are here for you. Our AzarPixel products are all designed with your needs in mind and our workmanship is impeccable.

When you think of LED video wall repairs or parts, think of AzarPixel. And then pick up the phone and give us a call.

Azar Pixel, LLC (Texas)

Azar Pixel, LLC (Nevada)

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