When it comes to repairing LED modules or pixels, there is a trusty rule of thumb; FOR A GOOD COLOR-MATCH, IT’S BATCH… BATCH… BATCH… That’s right! That brand-new LED module or pixel fresh off the factory floor is NOT the best choice for replacing damaged modules or pixels.

Have you ever replaced a damaged module or pixel with a shiny, brand-new module or pixel straight from the factory? Then, you fire up the display, and something is not quite right (look closely at the photo above). You notice that the color or the brightness is ever so slightly off. It is hard to detect until the content is a solid, light color, and then, BANG! There is the color mismatch in all its glory!

If you have experienced this, you are not alone. It is common in our industry. In fact, it is just as common as the practice of replacing older modules with brand-new modules. So, why wouldn’t a new module or pixel be the same color as the original module or pixel?

The pixels are manufactured and cataloged in huge batches. These batches will be used to manufacture several modules. However, when the batches run out, it is time to make up another new batch. The raw materials used in making the pixels; the sand for the glass, the copper or gold for the filament, the mixture of the solder, etc., must all be mixed for the new batch. Even as exacting as the manufacturing process is, there are still minuscule differences with each batch in this process. Because of these minuscule differences, the color, brightness, or intensity of the reds, blues, or greens can differ slightly. This variation will, in turn, cause a slight difference in color-match, brightness, or intensity between your new modules or pixels to your original ones.

At Azar Pixel, we prefer replacing original LED parts with parts salvaged from your original batch of modules, OR pixels and other components cataloged from the same batch as your original batch. This will afford you the BEST color-match possible. Furthermore, because Azar Pixel does not charge for salvaging parts from your donor modules, you pay nothing for the components for your LED module repairs. And finally, you do not suffer the extra time in shipping to get new parts from overseas.

So, remember this the next time you need to make LED module repairs, WHEN IT COME TO COLOR-MATCH, IT’S BATCH… BATCH… BATCH!!!


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