Frequently Asked Questions

Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?
What is your average turnaround time for LED modules?

Our turnaround times for repairing 100 modules are averaging around 5-10 business days. Turnaround times are not only dependent on the number of modules needing repair, but also on the type(s) of repair needed (pixels, ICs, physical damage, etc.). Some repairs may need parts to be ordered and shipped. We can work with whatever hard deadlines you are facing.

Our repair costs are based on a per-issue, per-module breakdown. We do use a base price sheet for all repairs. Please email us for more information about our pricing for your equipment.

Our turnaround times for repairing 3 stage lights are averaging around 15 business days. In general Turnaround times are not only dependent on the number of stage lights needing repair, but also on the type(s) of repair needed (power, motor, GOBO, etc.). Some repairs may need parts ordered and shipped. We can work with whatever hard deadlines you are facing.

We have two locations: our flagship location in Dallas (Carrollton), Texas, and our second location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both locations are fully equipped to handle all of your audio-visual repair needs including, but not limited to, LED module repair and stage light repair

Feel free to drop off and/or pick up at either of our warehouse locations.

We would love to handle shipping for you. Just give us a heads up if this is your preferred method.

We repair any and all professional-grade audio visual equipment including, but not limited to, direct-view LED screens (outdoor and indoor), video processors, power supplies, receiving cards, cables, stage lights (moving and fixed), speakers, audio amplifiers, audio mixers, PA systems, audioboards, film and television cameras, Cameras and Robotic Systems, professional DJ equipment, and fiber optics, Broadcast Converters (HDMI to SDI, HDMI to 3G-SDI/HD-SDI Converter, Audio Embedder 2 Way SDI Converter Dual SDI Output Adapter, Decimator MD-LX Bi-Directional HDMI/SDI Converter), live production switchers, MultiView Monitoring, Video Monitoring, Teranex Standards Conversion, Capture and Playback, Control Systems.

Unfortunately, we do not repair TVs of any kind. While we have the capability to repair any electronics, we want to keep our focus on providing top-class services for professional A/V systems.

We repair all professional-grade film and TV cameras. Unfortunately, we do not repair smaller, handheld personal cameras for the same reason mentioned above for TVs.

We kindly request that when you send LED modules to either location for repair, that you also send a test kit/spine/cabinet/brain/receiving card. The object in question goes by many different names in the industry, but it is basically what is needed to light the LED modules up. We also request that you send spare pixels, ICs, and shaders, or designate a donor module that we can harvest the necessary components from.

We operate on NET30 payment terms.

We repair all LED modules including outdoor- and indoor-rated. We have worked on pixel pitches as low as 0.7mm, but are able to repair even finer-pitched than that. We work on GOB, COB, transparent, irregularly shaped, spherical, and flexible modules every day and our customers can attest to our high-quality, reliable, and quick repairs.

All of our audio-visual equipment repairs include a 30-day warranty so that you have time to check out the repaired issues. If you need longer than 30 days, just give us a heads up. Less than 1% of our repairs are returned under warranty, but if you do have the need, we will pay for shipping both ways and resolve the repair issue.

We can currently repair approximately 1,000 modules per week at each location.

We kindly request that you, if possible, ship a working model along with the equipment needing repairs. We also request a description of the issue(s) being faced.

Check out our e-commerce website,, for all your AV equipment component needs. We have hundreds of A/V Parts stock in the USA and if you call us, we can provide overnight shipping with your large orders all around united states.

Look at our used AV equipment marketplace,

Absolutely! We provide on-site repair services for both indoor and outdoor LED modules and video walls.

Yes, we do! Our skilled installation crew is ready to help with all your setup needs.

Please call us with your project repair needs description for an instant quote.

Yes, we do! Azar Pixel offers both in-house and on-site expedited repair services.

Our audio-visual repair services are available throughout the United States and Canada. We can also schedule services in Europe and the Middle East if needed.

Drop us a line! We will answer you within 24 hours!