Keeping Your Repairs at Home

With international relations as tedious as they are and logistics being “iffy” at best, perhaps it’s time to consider getting your LED module repairs done here at home instead of at the overseas manufacturer.

Bottlenecks Throughout The Supply Chain

Throughout the entire supply chain, bottlenecks are developing. For example, COVID issues in China are diminishing the workforce there. As a result, production is down, while at the same time, distribution is crawling.

Cargo ships loaded with valuable products have to wait to be shipped because of a lack of Chinese dock workers.

Once the ships arrive in America, they anchor offshore and wait to offload their valuable cargo due to a lack of dock workers.

Once the ships unload, there are delays because there are not enough truck drivers to distribute the products to the retailers or end-users.

Conditions in China

COVID in China is causing adverse effects in the supply chain. As mentioned above, lockdowns are plaguing both production and distribution. However, the Chinese government says it will continue its COVID-Zero policy a bit longer. Officials there say China would much rather suffer the economic hardships of continued lockdowns than risk its citizens’ safety and well-being.

China at the end of Q2 this year, had shown its lowest retail sales and production numbers since early 2020. The country has recently shown signs of turning things around. But many sources say it may be quite some time before manufacturing and shipping catch up.

What This Means for Our Industry

For many of us in the live production, events, signage, and LED video wall industries, it will be more challenging to get LED displays, LED parts, and LED services from overseas manufacturers.

It will cost more and take longer than ever to get those repairs we so desperately need. In the past, many manufacturers sent repair people once or twice a year to do repairs for their US customers. However, due to COVID, that service has been drastically curtailed.

So, What Can We Do?

So, there is hope for those who own LED video walls and need repair. A few qualified domestic LED repair services are available here in the US. By using these repair services, you can guarantee yourself a relatively quick turnaround on your repairs. You will also avoid the high cost of overseas shipping and the tariffs associated with overseas repairs. And, finally, you eliminate the question of whether or not your equipment will return at all!

In Conclusion…

You may not have known that these US repair services even existed. You may have heard of them but had never taken the time to investigate them. You may have thought of trying them but heard that their rates were too high.

Well, these domestic repair services DO exist. You can learn more about them with just one call. And when you consider the total costs of overseas repairs, you will be pleasantly surprised at the money you will save with domestic LED module repair services. So do yourself a favor and make the call. Learn how you can get fast, reliable service right here at home!

Azar Pixel, LLC is a reputable domestic LED Display Service Repair Center located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. We are a recognized leader in repairing all brands and sizes of LED displays. We can service and repair both indoor and outdoor LED displays as well as LED processors, stage lighting, audio boards, and commercial cameras. Azar Pixel performs its most economical service at its headquarters in Texas or our facility in Las Vegas. Still, Azar Pixel will travel across the country to your location to perform needed repairs. So, call us today with any LED Display issues you might have. We are anxious for the opportunity to serve you!

Azar Pixel, LLC


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