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If you are the proud owner of an LED Display or LED Video Wall, there are a few things that might help you when issues develop with the operation of your board. Check out our LED Module Repair-Troubleshooting Guide. Understanding these troubleshooting items will help you know what you are dealing with and will help you talk intelligently with the manufacturer or your LED module repair company when you have to send your equipment in for module repairs.

LED Failures

LED pixels should last for years.  Even though they may fade a little over time, you should never have to replace a pixel for the life of the board (usually about 100,000 hours).  However, poor soldering can often result in bad connections at the pads of the pixel that connect it to the PCB.  Rough handling, temperature extremes and other issues can also affect single pixels.  These failures are not extensive and are usually relatively inexpensive to repair.

Caterpillar Lights

Sometimes you will notice a string of bad pixels in a row.  This string can be totally out or can be an inappropriate color (example: a pink string or a blue or green string).  These are often called Caterpillar failures because of their likeness to the insect of the same name.  This repair is a little more involved because you have to map the circuitry and locate the appropriate IC (integrated circuit chip) on the back of the board and replace or re-solder it.  It cost a little more than a pixel replacement because of the extra bench-time involved.

Section of a Module is Black(out)

This issue can be an issue with an IC (as above)  or it could be as data issue caused by faulty connections at data transfer points.  This involves some experienced diagnosis and could take some time and testing to diagnose.

Panel or Entire Module is Black (out)

This might well be a power issue.  Either a bad power supply or faulty power connections.  The solution to this issue involves putting the meters along the entire power circuit to locate the problem.  Again, the cost of the repair depends not so much on the repair time, but on the bench-time required to diagnose the problem.

Communication Failures

Communication failures can manifest themselves in many ways.  They will show up as a totally disoriented dance of pixels, a distortion of colors, streaks or shapes appearing intermittently across the display and more.  This can be a very complex process as it can involve the exterior processor unit (e.g. NovaStar Processor) or the onboard processor chips on the back of the module.  It could be a connector issue on the board or with the cables.  It could be any number of issues and sometimes the bench-time involved in the diagnosis can be extensive.  Also, the repair could involve some expensive parts and equipment.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most common issues we see at Azar Pixel.  If you recognize any of these issues in your equipment, all is not lost!  Don’t throw it away!  Call us and we would be happy to talk to you about the issues you are having with your LED Display.  LED Displays are quite a costly investment and are designed to last a good long time!  At Azar Pixel we like to say, “Don’t replace, when you can REPAIR!”

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