LED Screens for Malls, Stores & Shopping Centers

At AZAR PIXEL, we have something impressive to share with your company. AZAR PIXEL LED screens are displayed notably at malls, stores, and shopping centers. We are all about making your retail experience pop with vivid displays that will catch the eye.

Get Noticed with Digital Signage for Retail

Imagine walking into a mall and seeing effective digital screens lighting up the space, indicating fantastic deals and items right before your eyes. LED screens for malls are an efficient way for your business to turn viewers into customers.

That is what AZAR PIXEL LED screen maintenance does best. From indoor ads to commercial displays, we have dexterity to help your store shine and stand out from the rest.

Absen indoor LED video wall repair On-site- Repair LED panel, Dallas Texas

Making Shopping Fun with Interactive Digital Kiosks 

Why do interactive kiosks benefit the shoppers?

Interactive kiosks benefit in-person shoppers because store customers seeking information can just tap on a screen to find requirements instead of having to find a store associate. That is the function of interactive kiosks. They make shopping smooth and happier by giving customers immediate access to stuff like product details and store plans.

LED Billboard Repair & Maintenance

Retail Video Walls That Amaze

AZAR PIXEL video wall maintenance is not just screen repair. It is an experience. Imagine walking past a store and seeing a huge display showing off the modern trends or new products. That is what our video walls do: They turn heads!

At Azar Pixel, we do not just fix screens, we also create the perfect ones for your mall environment. We consider the light and size of your area to design screens that fit exactly right to meet your needs. Whether it is a sunny area or comfortable corner.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Azar Pixel is your one-stop shop for all your AV needs including LED screens for stores. We warranty all our products and only produce the highest quality LED modules and AV equipment. We can even customize LED screens for your specific project. Need help with design and installation of your retail center video panels? Azar Pixel has the knowledge to complete your Commercial Display Solutions.

Don’t miss out on achieving your AV vision. Call Azar Pixel today at (972) 707-0801 or contact us at info@azarpixel.com to schedule your free consultation and team introduction. We would love to meet you and are looking forward to working with you on your next LED advertising goal.

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