Commercial LED Sign Repair

Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?

Our team of experienced experts is very professional and passionate about providing the best services to ensure that your LED signage is in perfect working condition. We use the most modern technology and methods to repair your indoor/outdoor LED signs and billboards.

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Looking for someone to help you with your LED sign repair?

Look no further than Azar Pixel. We are the nation’s #1 repair center for outdoor and indoor LED screens. Out of warranty? Not a problem. From our comprehensive diagnostics to our rigorous quality assurance, we take AV repair seriously. You can count on our high-quality, quick-turnaround repairs for all your LED screen fix needs.  

Our staff is highly trained and prepared to handle any issues with your LED signage. We can handle both small and big problems in a fast, efficient manner.

Looking for display panel refurbishment?

We have got you covered. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and team introduction. We work on all display sizes. To calculate your display size, simply multiply the screen resolution by the pixel pitch.

Look at our workmanship and you will think you have a brand-new LED display. LED display refurbishing is right up our alley. We have been in the industry for over 5 years.

Our engineers and technicians are trained and equipped to handle all your custom LED sign reconditioning needs.

We are even prepared to replace the damaged PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with our special Gold Flex PCB, custom designed to fit your project.

Outdoor LED sign restoration is what we are known for. We will even come to you! Thats right; we offer on-site repairs for your convenience. In a rush? Just gives us a heads up. We have even done same-day on-site digital signage troubleshooting and repairs.

Having problems with ICs on your LED display? Not a problem for Azar Pixel. We repair pixels, ICs, shaders, and physical damage. We also repair video processors, receiving cards, and power supplies.

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Have you been left typing in the search bar “LED sign repair near me”?

Have you been left typing in the search bar “LED sign repair near me”?

 Well, you are in luck. Azar Pixel is the best in class in commercial LED sign repair. Do you have bad pixels on your outdoor or indoor LED display? Do not fret! Azar Pixel has your back. We will make your sign look brand new from our world-class restoration, refurbishment, and repair.

We have a long history of high quality, fast turnaround repair LED modules.

Digital sign repair is our specialty, and we love showing off our finished repairs. Here at Azar Pixel, we take pride in our work, from digital signage troubleshooting to outdoor led sign restoration.

Come over and look at our sister site,, for all your AV supply needs. Do not forget to stop by at our Dallas (Carrollton) location for a tour of our facilities and to meet our team. One last friendly reminder that we repair all AV equipment including moving and fixed stage lights, audio amplifiers, speakers, PA systems, intercoms, fiber optic cable, audio mixers, and much, much more.

Drop us a line! We will answer you within 24 hours!