LED Video Wall Repair

Why replace when Azar Pixel can repair all your AV Equipment?

Onsite LED Video Wall Repair is one of our many specialties.  Our team of highly trained technicians specializes in the hands-on, meticulous repair of LED video walls.

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Expert LED Video Wall Repair

Azar Pixel specializes in onsite repair services for LED video walls, ensuring that your digital displays are always performing at their best. Our team of expert technicians is skilled in a wide range of services, from fixing individual LEDs and IC’s to repairing video processors and receiving cards.

Azar Pixel's Promise of Perfection

At Azar Pixel, we’re committed to providing first-rate service for every feature of LED video wall and display system maintenance and remedy. Our extensive range of services ensures that whether you’re dealing with a complex video wall setup or a single LED screen, outdoor or indoor, we have the proficiency and equipment to maintain and enhance your visual display venture. Our goal is to ensure your displays not only work perfectly but also give stunning visuals that captivate and communicate effectively.

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Here’s how Azar Pixel can help

  • LED Screen Fixing Service:

We provide quick and efficient repairs for all types of LED screens, ensuring minimal downtime and LED Module Repair.

  • Digital Signage Repair:

Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and fixing issues with digital signs to keep your messages bright and clear.

  • Display System Restoration:

We bring your display systems back to their original state, addressing any faults or wear and tear.

  • Electronic Billboard Maintenance:

Regular maintenance and timely repairs keep your electronic billboards fascinating and effective.

  • Visual Display Unit Troubleshooting:

Our team troubleshoots any problems with your visual display units to ensure they are showing content as intended.

  • Large Format Screen Renovation:

We specialize in restoring large format screens to their full glory, ensuring they deliver impactful visuals.

  • Video Wall Panel Replacement:

When panels are beyond repair, we provide accurate video wall panel replacement services.

  • LED Monitor Servicing:

Regular servicing of LED monitors is crucial, and our team ensures they remain in top shape.

  • Pixel Pitch Adjustment:

We adjust pixel pitch for optimal clarity and viewing experience, enhancing the overall impact of your video wall.

  • Screen Module Refurbishment:

Our renewal services extend the life of screen modules, making them look and perform like new.

  • Display Wall Technical Support:

We offer extensive technical support for display walls, solving any operational issues you might encounter. (PIC2-PIC3)

  • Visual Installation Repair:

If your visual installation suffers from wear or damage, we are here to renew its functionality and appearance.

  • Outdoor LED Screen Maintenance:

Outdoor screens face harsh conditions; our maintenance services keep them vibrant and operational.

  • Indoor Video Wall Refurbishing:

We refurbish indoor video walls to revive their visual performance and reliability.

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