Maintaining Your Outdoor LED Display

One of the most exciting ways to get your brand’s message out is a large Outdoor LED Display! However, a large Outdoor LED Display represents quite an investment on your part. The good news is that by diligently maintaining your Outdoor LED Display you should see at least ten years of dependable operation for your investment.

Below are some ways to keep your Outdoor LED Display in top condition and protect your investment for years to come.

Protect Your Display Against the Most EXTREME Conditions

Outdoor displays will perform beautifully and last forever in dry, moderate temperatures, with no rain, snow, or winds! However, you need to ensure your display is protected when conditions are not so ideal. Driving rain, howling winds, and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your outdoor display and shorten its lifespan considerably. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

Protect Your Display Against Extreme Temperatures

Your display may be exposed to extreme temperatures because of your location. In that case, you should consider adding temperature regulating devices such as coolers or heaters. Although your display is designed to operate in extreme temperatures, long exposures to such extremes can shorten its life.

Protect Your Display by Turning it Off and On Properly

Something as simple as powering up or shutting down your outdoor display can affect its longevity. The proper order for powering UP your LED display is to turn on your computer and processor first and then your LED display. Likewise, when shutting DOWN your display, turn the display off first and then the processor and computer. Doing this procedure out of order can cause bright spots or burned-out LEDs on your display.

Protect Your Display with Regular Cleaning

Imagine what your car would look like if you did not wash it for a year! Your outdoor board looks the same way; only it is harder to notice. Dust and dirt that build up on the display diminish the beauty of your board. And, a dust and dirt build-up can also affect the proper dissipation of heat! Heat is an enemy of longevity for your LED display.

Protect Your Display with Regular Inspections

Once or twice a year, schedule an inspection with an LED Display Professional. He can tell you if you have any electrical issues causing less than 100% operation. He can also let you know if your display shows any evidence of moisture or heat issues as it ages.

Protect Your Investment, and It Will Serve You for Many Years!

Your LED Outdoor Display represents a sizable investment for your business. However, your investment should last at least ten years with a bit of care and maintenance. So, by faithfully maintaining your outdoor LED Display, you will receive many years of brilliant and beautiful service!

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