Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Ramin Belivan

Co-Founder / CEO

Ramin has more than 20 years of experience in electronic and software engineering. He possesses a burning entrepreneurial spirit and has been involved in several startups and small to medium-sized companies. He also thrives on creating new growth opportunities.

Ramin’s valuable experience in software programming and hardware design, coupled with his sales and management experience, have propelled Azar Pixel’s growth into the future!

Ramin lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in Plano, Texas.

Email: rbelivan@azarpixel.com

Javad Shaerigharetapeh

Co-Founder / COO

Javad is an experienced leader, a certified Electrical Engineer, and a well-known name in the LED digital display industry. He has also designed innovative RF solutions for a number of business sectors, including transportation, communications, and medical.

Javad’s passion is meeting problems head-on and finding effective and innovative solutions to those problems. As co-founder and partner, Javad is an integral part of the company’s future growth.

He lives in Denton County, Texas, and enjoys seeing America in his time off.

Email: shaeri@azarpixel.com

Amin Varhoushi

Director of Service/Production & Quality Control

Amin is in charge of Service and Production at Azar Pixel. His department is responsible for everything from the manufacturing of Azar’s LED posters, boards and walls to the very capable service and repair of our client’s damaged equipment. That may sound like a lot for one guy, but Amin is up to the task!

Amin graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Physics as well as a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering. After graduating, Amin went to work for Kaveh Glass, one of the largest industrial companies in the Middle East. At Kaveh, Amin managed multiple projects as one of their finest Project Engineers.

Azar Pixel is grateful to have Amin with us. His hardwork and dedication has paid off for us on numerous projects. Our clients can be confident, with Amin on the job, that their work will be performed with impecable accuracy in a timely manner.

Amin is currently living in Dallas near his fiancé.

Email: info@azarpixel.com