Outdoor LED Displays vs. Indoor LED Displays

We need to say right off the bat that this article is NOT us suggesting that Outdoor LED Displays are better than Indoor LED Displays or vice versa. By gosh, both are outstanding pieces of technology that produce bright, crystal-clear images with breathtaking quality, and you’re sitting pretty if you have one or several of them. This is true regardless of whether it’s a giant scoreboard at an indoor sporting event, a video board at a concert in the park, or one of those full-wall indoor LED billboards or business signage.

Yet while LED screen displays are the best at broadcasting or displaying content to a larger audience, we DO want to point out that there are striking differences and a few similarities between Outdoor and Indoor models that are worth mentioning.

So come with us on this Magic Pixel Ride as we discuss the key differences between Outdoor LED Displays and Indoor LED Displays.

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Comparing Outdoor LED Displays vs. Indoor LED Displays

Appearance — One of the first things you’ll notice about Outdoor LED displays vs. Indoor LED displays is how massive an Outdoor LED display screen can get. After all, they are meant to attract the attention of a larger audience and effortlessly display vibrant content, images, video, and sound that can be easily seen and heard from further distances and at different angles. This could be at a football stadium or in the heart of Las Vegas Blvd! This isn’t to suggest that Indoor LED Displays are puny. They can be rather large, too, and, like their counterparts, have a high range of use. But they do need to fit inside a closed area, so their screens will almost always be smaller.

Brightness — It should go without saying that Outdoor LED displays must be capable of peek brightness levels and clarity to overcome direct sunlight, clouds, and other varying weather elements that would normally hinder the ability to view what’s on the screen. These elements can literally change by the minute and day, so an Outdoor screen must be up to the challenge. Indoor versions still offer brightness and clarity levels for a crystal-clear image, but they also aren’t battling the same elements as Outdoor ones.

Withstanding Weather Conditions — Another difference between Outdoor LED Displays and Indoor LED Displays is that the Indoor screens are susceptible to the elements and must be protected at all costs. Granted, there isn’t much concern because their internal components are indoors — far away from anything that could compromise the unit. In comparison to Indoor Displays, Outdoor Displays are VERY strong against the elements. They have a special silicone sealant to create an impermeable seal around each pixel to be waterproof, leakproof, dustproof, etc. On the backside of the unit, you would find a high-quality clear urethane coating to protect from the elements to the Integrated Circuit Chips (ICs), the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and other components, as well as allow damaging heat to dissipate from the module correctly.

Pixel Pitch — Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays are comprised of several smaller, individual units called modules. Each module is made up of tiny, three-colored (red, green, and blue) pixels, which are millions of tiny colored dots that create a picture-perfect continuous and realistic image. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed on a screen, so they are essentially the individual building blocks of every digital image. Outdoor Displays tend to have a greater pixel pitch (distance between individual pixels in millimeters) because they are generally viewed from a greater distance. Indoor LED Displays generally feature a smaller pixel pitch for shorter viewing distances.

Cost – Outdoor LED Displays are much more costly than Indoor Displays simply because there is much more technology that goes into the Outdoor Displays. From a more durable platform to support the components and pixels to maximum weather sealing of the components on both the front and rear of the Outdoor modules, Outdoor Displays are generally higher priced than their Indoor counterparts.

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One Similarity Between Outdoor LED Displays and Indoor LED Displays — They Both BREAK!

Although we’d all love to believe our LED displays will last forever, the reality is that, like anything else, these technological marvels’ screens, components, and pixels are bound to fade, burn out, or just go kaput at some point down the line.

The good news is that almost everyone works on indoor LED displays. Sadly, we can’t say the same for outdoor LED displays. It’s a situation where most repair shops either don’t want to work on them or simply aren’t qualified to fix them.

This is where having an AZARMAN in your back pocket would do wonders!

Not only can our AZARMEN (…and WOMEN) repair your Outdoor Modules, but we have developed a process that leaves your equipment in better-than-new condition. So, if that screen was breathtaking when it first came out of the box, imagine what it’ll look like when we get done with it! That’s right — breathtakingly breathtaking!

Azar Pixel is arguably the ONLY facility in the USA that works on them. And if we’re not the ONLY one, we’re still the BEST one!

You can be sure that Azar Pixel uses only the finest of materials to ensure a tight, long-lasting seal for every Outdoor Module we touch! And yes, we can take care of the Indoor LED Displays, too. Since we want to be the best at repairing Outdoor and Indoor modules, this means that the Azar technicians working on your modules represent the very best in the business.

Knowing this, why would you go anywhere else for your LED Modules repairs?!?

Never Replace When You Can Repair! Call Azar Pixel Today…

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