Does your LED Display have a good refresh rate? Do you even know what that means? If you’re not sure, read on to learn about the importance of refresh rate…

Why Is Refresh Rate Important?

Imagine that you’re speaking with an LED Display Distributor. You want to buy a new LED Display for your conference room at the office, and the salesperson is trying his or her best to explain all the key points for each model so that you can make the best purchase. They talk about Brightness, Screen Size, Pixels, Pixel Pitch, and even if it’s live video compatible. You’re following along nicely — that is until they start talking about refresh rate.

“Wait? Refresh rate? You lost me there, pal,” you say.

“This one is 3840Hz. It’s perfect for your needs,” they say.

“OK. But back up,” you insist. “What do you mean by refresh rate?”

Hopefully, the salesperson helped clear up the confusion and got you the LED Display you were looking for. But if not, your friends at Azar Pixel are here to help. Refresh rate is actually a pretty easy concept when it’s explained the right way.

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What is refresh rate?

Refresh rate for LED Displays is essentially the number of times per second the individual pixels can receive signals to change or refresh. The faster the refresh rate, the better the quality of the display — particularly when it comes to how smooth the motion on the screen appears to the human eye. Typically, a minimum refresh rate on an LED Display is 400 Hz.  However, that is a pretty low refresh rate.  For smooth, non-flickering motion, you should at least be looking at 1000 Hz or higher.  Many large LED Displays today can actually handle up to a 10,000 Hz refresh rate with a robust processor!

Refresh Rate and Cameras…

Another area where you might notice the impact of a lower refresh rate is with videos or photo as they are trying to capture an image on an LED Display. This phenomenon usually happens at a sporting event, concert, or during a convention where someone is shooting video or photographs with a large LED screen in the background. The problem is that if the refresh rate on the LED Display is too slow, a noticeable distortion or feedback (wavy lines, dark lines, black waves) appears on whatever the video or photo camera is shooting. This happens regardless of how good the camera is.

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The LED Display’s refresh rate is simply not fast enough for the camera to properly record.  To beautifully capture a beautiful LED Display the requirement for the refresh rate is at LEAST 3840 Hz and, in the case of LED Display Refresh Rates… the higher the better!!!

There is so much to the LED refresh rate conversation. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to the specs of whichever LED Display or Video Wall you are purchasing and ask questions to clear up any confusion. There is a lot of confusing terminology out there, so don’t be afraid to speak up and learn as much as you can!

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