What is significant about LED Brightness?

When you’re in the market for a new LED display, one of the more important features people look for is brightness. This is true regardless of whether it’s a television for your living room, a picture-perfect monitor for your company’s conference room or outdoor video signage. How bright is it? How clear is the display? Is the message viewable in daylight?

If your LED screen adjustment is too bright, the image can be washed out and too much on viewers’ eyes.

If it’s not bright enough — too dark or dim — well, it simply can’t be seen no matter the viewing angle.

LED brightness really is that simple in terms of importance!

With that said, there is a lot that goes into ensuring dramatic, high-quality LED screen brightness. Let’s take a look.

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How does LED screen brightness work?

An LED display consists of thousands of closely-spaced red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes mounted in a fixed pattern. Each of these three colors forms a pixel, and the distance between an LED display’s diodes is a number, measured in millimeters, known as pixel pitch. The higher that number is, the fewer the number of pixels and the lower the resolution. The smaller that number is, the more pixels in the same space and the closer they are to each other. Thus, the higher resolution. When related to screen brightness, pixel pitch also helps determine the optimal viewing distance.

But let’s get back to brightness for a second. By adjusting the intensity of the diodes and varying the brightness of each LED, you create a bright, high-resolution color image that, in this author’s opinion, can’t be matched in comparison to LCD, DLP, and other formidable display types. Finally, one of the biggest benefits of LED screen brightness is that it is less affected by ambient light, so there isn’t a need to dim lights like you’re used to doing with traditional screens and it is clearly visible, even in direct sunlight.

But wait … the tutorial doesn’t stop there!

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What are NITS?

The most accurate way to measure LED screen brightness is with NITS. A NIT, or candela per square meter( cd/m2 ), is the unit of measurement that describes how bright a TV, laptop, digital display, smartphone, or computer monitor is. Unlike lumens, which commonly indicate the amount of light that a projector itself emits, NITS are more common in measuring the amount of light coming directly off the LED screen.  By comparison, 1 NIT is the approximate equivalent of 3.426 ANSI Lumens.

Therefore, the higher the number of NITS, the brighter the display.

So, how many NITS are sufficient? It really depends on the application…

  • Indoor Brightness — 1,000-1,500 NITS
  • Outdoor Brightness at close viewing — 2,000-3,000 NITS
  • Outdoor Brightness with direct sun — up to 5,000 NITS

The best way to describe NITS is to give a comparison of devices and the NITS they emit…

  • Indoor Movie Screens (In a dark environment) – – 50 NITS
  • Smart Phone – 300-400 NITS
  • Desktop Computer Screen – – 200-400 NITS average (Some higher quality screens get up to 500 NITS)
  • Projector TV – – 200-300 NITS
  • Modern TV’s – – 500-700 NITS (Some higher-end HDR’s can get up to 2000 NITS)
  • Direct View LED Screen – – Adjustable Up to 7000 NITS

There is so much to the LED screen brightness conversation. However, the most important thing to remember is that brightness is one of the most important elements you need to look at when deciding on your next display. LED displays corner the market when it comes to rich, life-like brightness and quality resolution for optimal viewing. And when you keep that in mind, making the right choice really isn’t so complicated after all.

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