You’ve heard the term “pixel,” and perhaps you’ve used it in conversation. But have you taken the time to understand what a pixel is and why they are so important? Read on and learn for more about THE AMAZING PIXEL AND LED REPAIR!

What exactly is a pixel, and why are they so important?

Stop what you’re doing and take a look at the LED screen in front of you. Depending on where you are at the moment, maybe it’s your flat-screen 65-inch TV at home, a digital billboard just off the interstate, or a video wall in your corporate conference room. Regardless of the screen size or its location, what do you see?

Most people will say, “I see a beautiful, vivid LED display staring right back at me.” And that’s correct! But someone more literal and with a trained eye — like your friends at Azar Pixel, who are in the LED pixel repair business, — might say instead, “All I see are millions of tiny pixels.”

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “pixel” before but don’t fully understand what it is and what it does.

We are here to cut through the confusion and make everything crystal clear!

LED Pixel Repair

Pixels — hundreds if not millions of tiny colored squares

The average person looking at a TV or other digital screen is fixated on the image being displayed. But if you zoom in close enough, you’re going to see millions of tiny colored dots (or pixels) placed next to each other that, when working together, create that picture-perfect continuous and realistic image. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed on a screen, so they are essentially the individual building blocks of every digital image these days.

Pixels perform as they should by changing color in response to the image being projected. And the more pixels you have on a screen, the better resolution and intricate detail that screen will have.

For example …

A 1080i/p resolution on today’s TVs and video displays have a total pixel count of around 2,073,600.

By contrast, an 8K resolution has a pixel density of around 33,177,600.          LED Pixel Repair          LED Pixel Repair

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to digital signage technology. Measured in millimeters, pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED cluster to the center of the next cluster. The smaller that number means far more pixels are being used to create the display image, thus improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance.

You definitely want your pixels to work correctly!

There is so much to the pixel conversation. The key thing to remember is that pixels are the building blocks to that amazing display you’ve always wanted, and when working properly, you simply don’t even think about them. More importantly, if one or several pixels are broken, stuck, or not displaying correctly, you run the risk of distorting the image on the screen.

Azar Pixel prides itself on being your LED pixel repair expert for repair, design, sales, and service. We know LED. Furthermore, we know pixels. And that makes us a valuable partner for whatever your needs may be. Our Azar Service & Repairs, LED Products (Azar Quasar LED Window Poster and Custom LED Displays), and SinaPlug Online Store can’t be beaten. This is why our client list has expanded nationwide!

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