Trust Your OUTDOOR Modules to No One But AZAR PIXEL

You can’t go far in the city these days without seeing your fair share of breathtakingly picture-perfect LED outdoor displays. Whether it’s a giant video board at Jerry World, LED billboards, video walls, or business signage, they’re EVERYWHERE. And that’s a good thing. But therein lies the rub — there aren’t enough outdoor video wall repair guys with the experience to keep everything running smoothly. When your outdoor video wall goes bonkers, trust your outdoor modules to no one but Azar Pixel.

Like anything else, these technological marvels’ screens, components, and pixels are bound to fade, burn out, or just go kaput at some point down the line. And the reality is that not everyone in the videowall repair industry repairs outdoor modules.

This is where having an AZARMAN in your back pocket would do wonders!

As Liam Neeson’s character said in the movie, “Taken”

     “What I do have are a very particular set of skills — skills I have acquired over a very long career.”

Not only can our AZARMEN (…and WOMEN) repair your outdoor modules, but we have developed a process that leaves your equipment in better-than-new condition. So, if that screen was breathtaking when it first came out of the box, imagine what it’ll look like when we get done with it! That’s right — breathtakingly breathtaking!

Outdoor Modules Steps

Superior Repair Materials… Trust Your Outdoor Modules to No One But Azar Pixel

As we stated in a previous blog post, outdoor LED displays are made up of a number of smaller, individual units called modules. Each module is made up of tiny, three-colored (red, green, and blue) pixels, which are millions of tiny colored dots that, when working together, create a picture-perfect continuous and realistic image. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed on a screen, so they are essentially the individual building blocks of every digital image.

OutdoorModuleSealant 3

With that said, they are also very sensitive to the elements and must be protected at all costs. Outdoor units require a special silicone sealant to create an impermeable seal around each pixel. Furthermore, on the backside of the unit, you would find a high-quality clear urethane coating to protect from the elements to the Integrated Circuit chips (ICs), the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and other components as well as allowing damaging heat to properly dissipate from the module.

Using the right sealant for the module’s front and back is crucial. And Azar Pixel has set a new standard in that department.

Want to see us in action? Check out this repair video.

Azar Pixel Repairs

  • Our GoldFlex Flexible PCB is the Gold Standard for our industry, designed by Azar Pixel to exact standards for compatibility, thickness, and heat resistance.
  • Our black silicone sealant is not cheap. It is considered by industry experts to be the best in class, which for your outdoor displays means no drying up, cracking, shrinking, or being exposed to the elements. Our black silicone sealant provides maximum protection against moisture, dust, and temperature extremes and a longer-lasting seal.
  • Last but not least, our technicians are highly trained and artists when it comes to repairing outdoor modules.

You can be sure that Azar Pixel uses only the finest of materials to ensure a tight, long-last seal for all outdoor modules we touch! Since we want to be the best at repairing outdoor modules, this means that the technicians working on your modules represent the very best in the business. Knowing this, why would you go anywhere else for your OUTDOOR module repairs?!?

Never Replace When You Can Repair! Call Azar Pixel Today.

Azar Pixel is your one-stop LED digital display expert in Texas, Las Vegas, and the United States! Do we need to replace a few worn-out pixels on that giant stadium video board? We can help! Do you need to repair, maintain, or replace stage lighting equipment for your next concert or trade show booth, or are you suddenly missing an important power cord? Our Azar Pixel LED products are all designed with your needs in mind and assembled in the USA.

When you think of dv LED video wall displays, think of Azar Pixel. And then pick up the phone and give us a call.

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