Why Are ESD Precautions So Important For Electronic Repair?

ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge, which refers to the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact or proximity. An electrostatic discharge can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Therefore, it is essential to avoid electrostatic discharges when working with electronic equipment. But why are ESD precautions so important for electronic repair?

ESD can damage electronic components in a printed circuit board (PCB), leading to repair failure. Therefore, during LED module repairs, stage light repairs, or any electronic circuit board (PCB) repairs, it is vital to take precautions against ESD because the components in a PCB can be susceptible to ESD, and even a tiny amount of electrostatic discharge can cause permanent damage.

Industry ESD Standards

Several industry standards define ESD requirements, depending on the industry and application. The most reliable standards for repairing Stage Lights, LED Panels, Audio Amplifier Boards, and any other circuit boards can be found in a technical report published by the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA) in section ESD TR53-01.

Compliance Verification of ESD Protective Equipment and Materials

The “Compliance Verification of ESD Protective Equipment and Materials” report offers guidance for selecting devices and techniques to minimize ESD in an electronics repair environment. In addition, the report lists several practical tips for selecting, testing, and maintaining personal grounding devices.

Some of the topics covered in the report include:

  • Personnel grounding devices – Personnel grounding devices include wrist straps, heel grounders, and smocks.
  • Compliance verification procedures – These define procedures for ESD protective equipment and materials.
  • Testing methods – These set forth testing methods for verifying the effectiveness of ESD protective equipment and materials.

Based on these industry standards and best practices for controlling ESD, a qualified electronics repair facility can ensure that its clients’ valuable assets are not damaged by ESD during repairs, assembly, and cleaning. And that all equipment handling meets the required ESD protection standards.

Preventing ESD Damage

Here are some of the many steps that a qualified electronics facility follows to prevent ESD damage during PCB board repairs:

Wrist ESD straps.

Use of ESD Wrist Straps

An ESD wrist strap is a device that is worn around the wrist and connects to a grounded surface. It prevents the buildup of static electricity in your body, which can be transferred to the equipment as ESD.

ESD Table Mats

Use of ESD Mats

An ESD mat is a rubber mat that the facility places on the work surface. It is grounded and provides a safe working surface for handling the PCB.

ESD Shoe Heels

Wearing of ESD Shoes

ESD shoes are shoes equipped with heel straps to ground your body to prevent the buildup of static electricity on your body.

ESD Jackets

Wearing of ESD Jackets

These ESD Jackets help to transfer static charges to the ground.

Use of ESD Bags & Packing Material

When transporting or storing the PCB and electronic components, we place them in an ESD bag to prevent the buildup of static electricity.

Why are ESD precautions so important for electronic repair? ESD gloves.

Wearing of ESD Gloves

ESD Gloves are used to avoid touching the leads or pins with unprotected fingers while handling the components. ESD Gloves will prevent the transfer of ESD from your body to the equipment.

Use of ESD Shelving

We store all PCB repairs and related items on EDS safe shelves.

Use of Periodic ESD Checks

We run periodic ESD tests on used equipment using ESD Testers and Weights. 

Why are ESD precautions so important for electronic repair? Azar Pixel Cares.

Azar Pixel Cares!

Azar Pixel is very concerned about the well-being of its clients’ valuable equipment! Therefore, we take every precaution to make sure their equipment remains free of damage while in our possession. Taking the above precautions is just another way that Azar Pixel goes above and beyond in the service of its clients. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients, and we will do everything in our power to make our clients glad they chose Azar Pixel!

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