Azar Pixel can repair your LED Display modules down to the pixel level! We are able to repair damage to the PCB and the ICs as well. We perform all of these repairs at our facility in the Dallas, Texas area. This saves you the time, extra cost of shipping, and tariffs customarily associated with overseas repairs. Being a domestic(US) company, we can also schedule repairs at your location if necessary. Either here at one of our facilities or your location, you can do a few things on your first Azar Pixel repair that will help it go more smoothly!

Test Kit, Spine or Module Frame

When diagnosing your LED module’s issues before the repair and QC Testing your module after the repair, Azar Pixel needs something to “light up” your module. It would be easy if all LED modules used a universal operating system. But, in the real world, LED modules operate on different voltages, programming, connectors, etc. Even the same brands will have different module models that operate differently.

Azar Pixel needs either an LED module Test Kit for your particular make and model of LED module, a Spine for that module or the LED module’s actual frame. We need these with your first order. However, we can keep them here in our facility in your individual parts file after your first order if you can spare them. We can save you the trouble of having to locate and ship either a frame or test kit with every repair you send in. Instead, you can send in just the damaged LED Modules. Pictured below are examples of both Test Kits and module frames.

Frame With Module

LED Module Test Frame.                                                        LED Module Sitting in a frame.

Test Kit/Receiving Card                                                       Test Kit/Receiving Card with Hub Card & Data Cable

Module Spine

Data Cables & Power Cables

Different Test Kits have different size connectors, which means each Test Kit and LED module requires its specific Data Cable and Power Cable.

If Azar Pixel doesn’t have the correct Data and Power Cables, it will be impossible to “light up” the LED module. Of course, since we are in the LED module repair business, we might have the correct cables in our inventory, but to be sure, it’s always safer to send along the correct Data and Power Cables with your Test Kit and damaged modules. Below you will find examples of common Data and Power cables.

  Data Cable examples                                                                        Power Cable examples

New Parts or Donor Modules

Finally, the last thing that will help speed your first order through is spare parts like pixels, ICs, shaders, screws, etc., or donor modules. Donor modules are usually modules from the original board that have been replaced because they were somehow damaged.

Azar Pixel can take the old modules and harvest parts from them. The great thing about this is that these old parts come from the same manufacturer batch as your original board. And, being from the same batch, they will give you the best possible color match on your display. Furthermore, once you send these old modules to us, Azar Pix will keep YOUR modules on hand in YOUR file and use them only for YOUR parts! Pictured below are some examples of module parts and donor modules.

Pixel Harvest

Donor Modules for pixel harvesting

Donor Modules for Integrated Circuit (IC) harvesting

Trust Azar Pixel with Your Valuable Equipment

You can trust Azar Pixel to treat your valuable equipment as our very own! We know that your LED display represents quite an investment for you, and we will protect that investment with our very best effort! And, because Azar Pixel is a domestic company, you will lower your shipping cost, eliminate import tariffs and speed your turnaround times. So, try Azar Pixel for your next LED Module repair. You’ll be in good hands!


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